Thursday, May 31, 2012

I wasn't going to post today, but..

I had a busy busy day. Jordans sister just graduated! I'm very proud of her, doing something her brother and I couldn't do. I hope she succeeds in everything she sets out to do in life, and I'll be rooting her on along the way!

If I would have stayed in school, I would have graduated today also. I'm so glad I got to be there, and congratulate my class. There was nothing better than seeing all of my old friends and classmates graduate. I'm proud of all of you! I'm sorry I didn't have the patience to get through school and walk down that aisle with you guys. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN CLASS OF 2012!!!!

This is the best one I could get of Sarah walking down the middle aisle after receiving her diploma. So proud!

I love this one. Jordan loves his sister to death, I wish it would have turned out a bit better, but it's still pretty adorable!

Sarah, and her mom [My soon to be mother-in-law!] Darci! They are beautiful, and full of tears.

Sarah with her mom and dad.

Sarah, Oma [That's what they call their grandma.] and Jordan.

I thought I'd add this cute picture of Jordan with his step-mom.

This one is for your benefit, so ya'll can see how crappy we take pictures together. Jordan just got out of work about two hours before we went to the graduation, that's why he looks like crap, but oh how I love him.

The bleachers hurt my butt, and all the clapping hurt my head, but I'm really glad I got to enjoy this night with Jordans family, we don't see them often enough. You are all invited to my baby shower!!

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