Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If pregnancy has taught me anything..

It's that I'm alot stronger than I thought. My ribs feel like they are molding into a different shape, and of course Silas is testing his boundaries which is also pushing my lungs up farther. I feel like poop. I'm exhausted, I can hardly breathe, I'm nauseated, I have heartburn and hemorrhoids. I have acne worse than my 14 year old brother. I hardly know my own bladder anymore.. It's like my bladder is one of those friends that you grow up with until you're like 15 and then they move away but they try to keep in contact for a little while, then they're just completely gone. I wonder if we'll ever be friends again. I get charlie horses in my legs on a daily basis, and yet somehow I still manage to drag myself out of bed every day.

+1 for Katie

Suck it pregnancy. I will beat you, and you will give me a mini-me version of my boyfriend.

Today is the first day of my last trimester by the way, in case you were wondering. [or maybe I already told you.. and I just forgot..?] Anyway, my dentist appointment is tomorrow and I am feeling super anxious about it. I never know if I'm going to feel it when they drill into my teeth. [which has been the case a few times, even after they numbed it.] I don't even know what they plan on doing to me. I was supposed to go in and see if I qualified for medicaid to pay for me to get a flipper or partial plate because I had to have a few of my front teeth taken out last year, and I left only knowing that I have 18 teeth that need fixing and I have a ton of wisdom teeth that need to be taken out. It really sucks, because I'm scared, and Jordan can't even go with me because he'll be at work. Even if he could come with me, they wouldn't let him into the back room with me because that's how that dentist office is.

Last time I was there I could hear a little girl and her mom in the next room, and the little girl was fidgeting and crying and the mom was trying to soothe her. Well when they left, the dentists went on and on about how they shouldn't have let the mom come back because she just got in the way and that supposedly children are alot better for the dentist when the parent isn't back there. I thought that was ridiculous, and I will be coming into the back room with Silas at EVERY appointment, no matter what it's for. Dentist, pediatrician, radiologist, whatever, you name it and damn straight I'll be back there.

What are your thoughts about doctors not letting parents go back with their children?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cute ways to announce your pregnancy!

Are you really excited about your pregnancy? Do you want everyone else to be excited as well? Your next question should be: How do I announce my pregnancy without just coming out and saying it?

I will help you! I chose the easy way out and just told everybody, because I was so excited I just couldn't keep my damn mouth shut, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are tons of ways to announce your pregnancy.

Telling your family:

If you get an early ultrasound, make copies of it and place them in frames that say "I love my Grandma!", "#1 Grandpa!" ect. and mail them to your family members.

Plan a family dinner, hand out bibs to corresponding family members [give "I love my Grandma!" bibs to Grandmas to be, and "My Uncle is the best!" to brothers, ect.]

If you tell your family members about your pregnancy during the holidays, hand out personalized M&Ms that have your due date on them.

If you already have a child, you can have them wear a "I'm going to be a big brother/sister" t-shirts.

Order fortune cookies that announce that you're expecting, and your due date.

Take a picture of you and your boyfriend/husband, you holding 1 pink and 1 blue balloon, him holding a chalkboard that says "Coming on ___" [due date.] Make copies of the picture and send to all family members. This one is great too, because then after you find out the gender of your baby, you can take a picture of you letting go of the blue balloon if it's a girl, and letting go of the pink balloon if it's a boy!

Gather everyone for a family picture. When taking the pictures, have them "say cheese" a few times, and on the last picture you take, tell everyone to "Say [your name] is pregnant!" and snap a few pictures while it sinks in! You will forever have a picture of everyone's reaction to your announcement!

Buy tiny plastic babies and freeze them in water in an ice cube trey. Invite friends over for drinks [ofc you won't be drinking!!] and use the baby ice cubes for their drinks.

Telling your boyfriend/husband:

Replace the socks in his sock drawer with baby socks and booties.

Place baby booties next to his shoes, so that he see's them in the morning when he gets up for work!

Save the positive pregnancy test and put it in a box for him to unwrap, like a present.

If it's his first child, buy a keychain that says #1 Dad and place it on his keyring, see how long it takes him to notice and ask about it.

If it's around Christmas, buy a baby stocking to hang up, and buy a babies first ornament to hang on the Christmas tree.

Leave hints around the house, a baby bottle in the cupboard, baby shampoo in the shower, ect.

How did you tell your family/significant other that you're expecting??

I am bad at blogging.

 It's as simple as that. I am a terrible blogger. I love doing it, I just never have the time and I forget to do it [Damn pregnancy brain, I forgot my own birthday when picking up my vitamins awhile back.] I know I don't have many followers and it's not like ya'll care anyways, but here's an update on my life and my pregnancy.

 I got my anatomy scan done, and the little bugger was not shy at all! We're having a baby boy in December!! I am so excited, and Jordan could not be more happy! We named him Silas Niall Vanelzelingen. Here is an ultrasound picture for you:

 He's measuring right where he's supposed to be. I still haven't gone to any classes, or signed up at the pregnancy center that everyone keeps telling me to go to. My baby shower still isn't planned, invites haven't even been sent out and it's supposed to be next month! I'm starting to get worried about that to be honest. All we have so far is a bunch of clothes, a swing, and a highchair, as well as a few pacifiers. Oh and one of my lovely lady friends gave me a breast pump. [unused ofc.] I'm in the process of getting dental work done as well, the few of you that know me in real life know how much of a train wreck my mouth is. I have two dentist appointments this month. I also have a prenatal appointment this month, and an hour before that I have to do the hour glucose test. [which I am NOT looking forward too.]

 I'm trying very hard to find a work at home type job, that's not going very well. At this rate I'll have to find a job after my bubs is born if we ever want to get our own place. We could make it on Jordan's income, but it would be very tight. I'm in the process of getting my licence, so we'll be getting a car early next year, probably around tax time. I'm thinking about making an etsy account to sell stuff on.. Bows maybe? Bows are cute. I want to make things and sell them, but I'm not sure how profitable that is. Alot of work at home jobs just seem really awful, I don't think I could be a telemarketer. I hate when those people call my house, I couldn't imagine doing that for a living haha. I could make a profit off of this blog eventually I think, but it would take alot of time and hard work of course and lets face it, I'm just not interesting or good at writing. I also wouldn't mind writing a book, but again, I'm not good at writing.

I just don't know what to do with myself. I want to be a work at home mom. I want to stay home with Silas and still bring in money to help out. I need to figure this shit out soon though, I'm in my third trimester! 12 more weeks until my bubs is here and I still don't have my life figured out. Is that a bad thing? Does anyone have any advice?