Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If pregnancy has taught me anything..

It's that I'm alot stronger than I thought. My ribs feel like they are molding into a different shape, and of course Silas is testing his boundaries which is also pushing my lungs up farther. I feel like poop. I'm exhausted, I can hardly breathe, I'm nauseated, I have heartburn and hemorrhoids. I have acne worse than my 14 year old brother. I hardly know my own bladder anymore.. It's like my bladder is one of those friends that you grow up with until you're like 15 and then they move away but they try to keep in contact for a little while, then they're just completely gone. I wonder if we'll ever be friends again. I get charlie horses in my legs on a daily basis, and yet somehow I still manage to drag myself out of bed every day.

+1 for Katie

Suck it pregnancy. I will beat you, and you will give me a mini-me version of my boyfriend.

Today is the first day of my last trimester by the way, in case you were wondering. [or maybe I already told you.. and I just forgot..?] Anyway, my dentist appointment is tomorrow and I am feeling super anxious about it. I never know if I'm going to feel it when they drill into my teeth. [which has been the case a few times, even after they numbed it.] I don't even know what they plan on doing to me. I was supposed to go in and see if I qualified for medicaid to pay for me to get a flipper or partial plate because I had to have a few of my front teeth taken out last year, and I left only knowing that I have 18 teeth that need fixing and I have a ton of wisdom teeth that need to be taken out. It really sucks, because I'm scared, and Jordan can't even go with me because he'll be at work. Even if he could come with me, they wouldn't let him into the back room with me because that's how that dentist office is.

Last time I was there I could hear a little girl and her mom in the next room, and the little girl was fidgeting and crying and the mom was trying to soothe her. Well when they left, the dentists went on and on about how they shouldn't have let the mom come back because she just got in the way and that supposedly children are alot better for the dentist when the parent isn't back there. I thought that was ridiculous, and I will be coming into the back room with Silas at EVERY appointment, no matter what it's for. Dentist, pediatrician, radiologist, whatever, you name it and damn straight I'll be back there.

What are your thoughts about doctors not letting parents go back with their children?

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